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  • Max Schneider

    Max Schneider

    Entertainer Max Schneider has posed with Madonna, appeared on network television and has written his own songs. See what else this rising talent has to say...

  • Cameron Ocasio

    Cameron Ocasio

    Meet one of the talented young actors on Nickelodeon’s zany new show Sam and Cat...

  • Rice University

    Rice University

    Deep in the Lone Star State you will find an amazing university in one of the nation's coolest cities...

  • LàTeen Talking!

    LàTeen Talking!

    LàTeen staffers had some teen issues to vent about. Check out our first installment of the "Talking LàTeen"!

  • Late for Class Again?

    Late for Class Again?

    How a unique solution could be the answer to the eternal problem of teen tardies...

  • Away At College - The First Year

    Away At College - The First Year

    Last fall our teen reporter Marissa went off to college. She was the first in her family to go and here is what she had to say about her first year away from home...

  • Cymphonique Miller

    Cymphonique Miller

    Teen star Cymphonique Miller isn’t too ‘girlie’ in real 16 years old, this blossoming young starlet has already landed her own Nickelodeon show “How to Rock” and is releasing her first solo album “Passion” in June 2013

  • Harley Graham

    Harley Graham

    Amazing actress Harley Graham has played a princess, a surfer, and much more...

  • Caroline Sunshine

    Caroline Sunshine

    A Warm Ray of Light...Meet our fall cover star Caroline Sunshine!  She does everything: singing, dancing, and even surfing… Caroline Sunshine probably has the greatest name in Hollywood and her personality matches too. Full of warm energy and...

  • Noah Crawford

    Noah Crawford

    Mid-Western Class... Hailing from the Sooner State of Oklahoma, actor Noah Crawford’s digs how actors get to take on different...

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