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  • Abrina


    LàTeen Interviews Up and Coming Star Abrina...

  • Kira Kosarin

    Kira Kosarin

    Meet the star of Nickelodeon’s ‘The Thundermans’, a show about an everyday family with superpowers…

  • The Future is Here: Nanotechnology!

    The Future is Here: Nanotechnology!

    Rapidly expanding nanotechnology will soon make the possibility of eliminating death a reality…

  • Vanessa Marano

    Vanessa Marano

    Get to know the gorgeous and talented young star of ‘Switched at Birth,’ ABC’s popular and award winning show...

  • How to Succeed at Being the ‘New Kid’

    How to Succeed at Being the ‘New Kid’

    Moving is one of the hardest things teens have to confront... By Danie S Thomas

  • What's Up With Sharks?

    What's Up With Sharks?

    The Greatest Shark in the Sea...Not a Killer...

  • You Are What You Eat!

    You Are What You Eat!

    Why eating better gives you more energy and why eating poorly takes it away…

  • What's Your Group Like?

    What's Your Group Like?

    Sitting with your friends…Should students pick their own groups? Certain...

  • It's in the Stars!

    It's in the Stars!

    Staff writer Lily Drevno studies the stars for hours just to make sure you know your future…

  • LàTeen Talking!

    LàTeen Talking!

    LàTeen staffers had some teen issues to vent about. Check out our first installment of the "Talking LàTeen"!

  • The $7 Burrito

    The $7 Burrito

    Looking for a cheap filling meal that doesn’t make you bloated or feeling gross? Try a burrito at Chipotle, the latest fast food phenomenon…

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